Graphic Facilitation

I have worked as a Graphic Facilitator mainly for Wiltshire Council, attending the Annual Meeting of the group Wiltshire People First.
As the meeting takes place I stand at an easel at the front of the room with a flipchart and large selection of coloured pens and, listening carefully to the subjects being discussed, I 'make notes' in picture form.
This enables those attending the meeting to understand more clearly what is going on, and gives them visual clues and aids to remembering these facts as the day goes on.
I spend some time beforehand preparing for the work, researching the topics which will be discussed and arming myself with visual images that I can draw upon quickly. The work has to be drawn at quite a pace so being prepared is essential.


What is Graphic Facilitation?
Graphic Facilitation is the taking of information, spoken or written, and turning it into something visual that is easy to understand and follow. It is a combination of drawings , words and design, brought together to catch the essence of a subject and make it memorable.